Friday, February 20, 2015


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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

don't leave the past behind

This is Heritage at it's best!

Cebu's love for heritage has been awaken to its full extent over the past few years. A travel down south of the island can put someone's eye in awe of the beautiful structures from a distant past fully restored back to it's former glory.

The picture above is the old government office during the Spanish period in Argao, South of Cebu. About 2 hours drive from Cebu City.

Our colourful heritage has given us a sense of pride and grand legacy that we should protect and restore....we should not leave the past behind... 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

finally i get the chance to blog again.......been to different places for the past few years and haven't featured any of place that iv been to.... this one is from Surigao del Sur.... behind that Island at the back is the Pacific ocean......gosh!...I need to blog more!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Once on this Island....

At the Northern tip of the Zanorte* lies an Island that never feels the absence of sunrise and sunset each day of the year. The Island boast of its rich Marine life, palm fringed beach, a sand bar and warm friendly people all waiting to greet you with their tropical postcard perfect grin...

I grew up looking at this Island every time I passed by on board a ship bound for Dumaguete or Cebu (Visayas Region)...the island glitters like a rough diamond amidst the cobalt to turquoise waters with shades of emerald surrounding it...and sort of making a promise that one day she will welcome all adventure seekers to experience her natural wonder!.....and I did visit SELINOG Island!

April, 2005:

We were told that on a clear sunny weather and calm ocean groups of Dolphins will accompany you up to the Island keeping you entertained on a long journey.... with that story, I almost headed the Expedition! LOL!.....Together with my friends we left Dipolog City early morning......On account, there were twelve of us including the boatman and his assistant on a tiny motorized banca......Armed with (food, water, tent, henna, drinks and) cameras...Perfect weather, there's no turning back!

On our way, we saw the majestic mountains from the horizon and the sea current was forceful enough making our trip faster!..... as we passed by off the coast of Dapitan...sea current slowly transforms to short seashore like a bigger waves.....roller coaster ride!..... shout!....screams!...everybody was having fun!... as we headed to the open sea.. the waves became larger!....and larger!.. then comes huge to enormous to gigantic (the adjectives are endless).... No kidding!..... those waves were no longer friendly!...... No one even dared to shout nor scream!....and some of us can't even afford to swim if something might feels like our age was doubled at that moment plus a mid life crisis!.... the gods was not on our side and there isn't even a single Dolphin on that journey!.....

and Yes!..... Nature really knows how to surprise. We landed safely looking at a scene like from the movie "Blue Lagoon"......and then the boatman explains.....that we've crossed the seas on a shift of wind / sea current directions (Habagat and Amihan phenomenon) ..I did not listen!...LOL!.......that explains why the sun is up but the seas disturbed...

The sands on the island is so white!..alabaster white!.........we camped, cooked food and enjoyed the sun, sea and sand all day long! and the best part?! there's no other tourist on the Island! we've savored that moment! Must see: lighthouse at the western side of the Island facing Siquijor, long stretch of beach, coral reefs (the island is also a marine sanctuary maintained by Siliman University) and most of all the warm and hospitable locals! night: you can see billions of stars!.......i guess you can test your knowledge in Astronomy there naming all those stars and galaxies............the Island has no electricity..... Nature at its best!...We were all having fun!

We left the following morning....... and again!.......we've crossed the seas on the same natural phenomenon!...LOL!.....


*Zanorte - Province of Zamboanga del Norte

Photos Courtesy of Rowella Pampilo - Beach explorer LOL!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A must see hideaway!

If you are enthusiastic and vigorous for travel, you don't need to go far to experience a feral adventure and an ultimate relaxation at its fullest. There is one place in ZaNorte province that is so blessed with rock formations, lush green forest, rich flora and fauna and panoramic seascapes.
The place is in Guimputlan, a tiny tropical beach cove situated
on the northeastern part of Dapitan
in the Philippines.

All thanks to Dr. Philip, as he shares a glimpse of his own idyllic hideaway. "Doo-kee" (as we call him) recently made a "shoot nothing but pictures" at this scenic beach that he ended up with the most amazing shots!.....He admits that he used an idiot proof point - and - shoot (digital) camera but the pictures turned out great!....Traveling is one of his few real luxuries that he indulged in and derives his inspirations from his escapades. As an Eye Surgeon, he needed that stimuli to be prolific, to recharge and to reinvigorate himself...So, take a trip from among some of his breathtaking shots!...

These Cabanas filters down the hot sunlight as you relax and enjoy the lush thick overhang of trees and palm fringed beach against the cobalt-colored skies...

One of the highlights of this of resort are these funny looking Totem Poles!... They look more like a Sentinels keeping visitor's entertained on this private getaway!..

The Philippines is so blessed with the best beaches....and its incomparable with the rest in the World!....and some of these are found across the Central and Southern regions of the country....Not many are aware of this, that you can find the finest white sand beach - as soft as the most expensive sugar in the southern areas of the Archipelago...and Guimputlan, Dapitan has its share of this world-class quality of beach nurtured by the splendor of the sea, sun and nature.....

Dapitan is an hour away by plane from the capital Manila, and Guimputlan is about
45 minutes to an hour ride from the airport.

With all these access points, I am keeping an eye to hit this tropical beach cove...this is "A must see hideaway!"


Photos courtesy of Dr. Louis Felipe B. Lacaya - a Global Trekker

Saturday, June 27, 2009


"Mabuhay" is a Filipino verb in a form of a command: "live!" It is also a wish: "may you live!" Whoever says it wishes you the great gift of a long and full life. It is both a blessing and a lusty cheer. "Mabuhay"(ma-boo-high) is such a large word that it lends itself to a wide number of secondary uses: welcome, congratulations, thanks, godspeed, hello, goodluck, cheers, posit, sante, viva, kambei, aloha, and many other expressions of goodwill. All these are a part of life; but it is a gift of life that makes them possible. "Mabuhay," in other words, is an invocation and a celebration of life itself.

Source: "Mabuhay". Philippine Airlines monthly inflight travel + lifestyle Magazine.

My friends (Dr. Louis, Psyche, Nasser, Angie, Janet and Harriet) were all having an amazing time at the breathtaking Labason seawall, in the province of Zanorte, showing all their warm Filipino smiles against the brilliant tropical sunset. They all truly live the "Mabuhay" spirit!

Photo courtesy of Harriet YbaƱez - Audiophile and a Certified Traveler in Style